Brighter Future School

On March 17th, 2020 all schools in Mexico closed their doors.  
As the weeks turned into months with no end to the pandemic in sight we stepped in to fill the education gap the crisis created.

On August 25th we opened our doors as a free school. Monday-Friday over 50 elementary students participate in our learning programs.

Reshaping the way kids learn

We want our students to receive the best possible education, to ensure no child is lost in the shuffle and that their educational needs do not go unmet.
Our teachers work closely with each student adapting to their learning style be it visual, auditory, reading/writing, or kinesthetic.
We employ various methods of interactive learning via tablets, computers and our multimedia classroom.

Play is also an essential part of learning so we have several play stations set up ranging from barbies, legos, a trampoline & mini zipline.


Our school endeavor is 100% donation based and we need your help to keep our doors open. To donate click the yellow Donate button

No child left behind

When we started school we discovered many of our students could not read or write. We incorporated daily remedial classes that provide individualized learning in the areas of reading, mathematics, and writing.
These classes are designed to help disadvantaged students thrive in the classroom independently.

Learning in Nature

Even small doses of nature can have profound benefits.
Nature provides countless opportunities for discovery, creativity and problem-solving.
Interacting with natural environments allows children to think, question, and make hypotheses — thereby developing inquisitive minds.